Swoon. Thalassa installation in progress at the Detroit Institute of Art. Detroit, Michigan. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Tyree Guyton
Yarn queen Olek enlisted the help of refugee women to remind the world that having a home matters.
"Can you imagine a day that only had good news? I dream that someday there will be at least one day a year with only good
Oh death, the world simply brims with it. Naturally so do the streets.
Five years into it, The Brooklyn Artists Ball has become a glittering spectacle that speaks to the traditional, the contemporary and the beat on the street.
What did you learn about these shelters that you would like people to know? Read all posts by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime
For 2014 he has swift response: "The Kara Walker." Not the art, but the artist posed before her art. Once again these artists
Because, duh. 6. Olek Miss Van is a France-born, Barcelona-based artist, and one of the original women of street art. Her
Miss Van "I wanted to pay homage to an artist, woman and friend who is also my contemporary," Olek explained to The Huffington