olive oil

Here's how to tell if your oil has oleocanthal, which a new study in mice found may help protect against cancer.
Don't fear the fat! A healthy dose of olive oil is essential for a proper pomodoro.
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why is olive oil so expensive?” you’re not alone.
You may be able to taste a difference, but are there additional health benefits? We found out.
These take 10 minutes or less to make. There's no reason to be lazy anymore!
While bottled dressings may be convenient, when it comes to nutrition, you’re probably better off making your own.
Nearly 90 villages in Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan are proving that the divided regions can work together - in the olive oil trade.
Try to incorporate these great foods to fight the aging process naturally...check back next month for more healthy living
As a clinician, I'm most interested in positively influencing the health of my patients, both adults and children. To that end, I'm less interested in whether an individual food is "healthy" and much more concerned with promoting a healthy eating style.
"When you change the oil in my car," I wondered, "do you use extra-virgin olive oil?" "You're a New York driver," I pointed
Whether you have split ends, dry and weak strands, dandruff, or just a tangled mess, the likely culprit for almost all follicular problems is a lack of moisture.
Here are six creative ways to use extra virgin olive oil to improve your skin, hair, and nails.
The United States is beautiful, from its mountains, to its prairies, to its oceans, whether placid on a given day, or white
Less food waste, less money waste, and better meals. Win, win, win.