Oliver North

The notorious gun group is being crushed by its own financial mismanagement and legal woes.
A recent lawsuit said Cox joined an attempted coup to oust the National Rifle Association's top executive.
A failed try to topple the group's chief executive, millions of dollars blown and multiple lawsuits are roiling the gun lobby.
Advertising firm Ackerman McQueen is jumping ship as lawsuits fly.
Before his departure, NRA President Oliver North warned officials that $24 million and counting in legal fees could strangle the group.
The National Rifle Association is on fire. We can't look away.
The gun group's leadership is in chaos after a report by The Trace prompted an IRS investigation of the organization's tax status.
The confrontation between the gun rights group's longtime leader and its recently installed president coincides with the NRA's annual meeting.
The incoming NRA president, who once promoted a violent video game, also cited a "culture of violence."
The gun group has worked to "perpetuate the culture of violence that we have in our country," the congresswoman said.