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Since the Harvey Weinstein story broke, more than 20 other men in power have been accused of sexual harassment.
The actress said Stone met with her to discuss a "very sexual" movie. Then, he sent her roses.
Actress Carrie Stevens says the Harvey Weinstein scandal reminded her of when Stone grabbed her like "a toy." Stone had defended Weinstein earlier in the week.
Russia's president doesn't hold back in Oliver Stone's new series.
And doesn't have to deal with those pesky "natural cycles."
While the first half of the hard-hitting conversation with acclaimed director Oliver Stone focused largely on foreign policy
Stone and Scheer discuss filmmaking, America’s military exploits, surveillance, and other far-reaching topics.
SkyHorse-Shoes - Fix-It & Forget-It Series The name Vermont conjures up images of ski slopes, farmhouses and moonlight. And
Oliver Stone directs Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Snowden, the story of accused spy and former NSA agent Edward Snowden. The film
With fall movie season upon us, Brian and Zaki are back to offer quick takes on a whole host of new releases, including Clint
We also learn from Snowden that he was morally repulsed by the war crimes that our government commits under the false pretext
Oliver Stone's excellent new film "Snowden" is a primer on life in the digital age - the perils to privacy, professionalism and the personal. Through an extended series of flashbacks in the life of whistleblower Edward Snowden, Stone shows us the impacts of global surveillance on relationships from international to interpersonal.