“Scandal” seemed all too familiar this week when White House Chief of Staff Olivia Pope was out and NSA Director Jake Ballard
The performance is a powerful rallying cry for young girls to love themselves.
"I said, 'Go ahead, alter the scene. We'll just have a lot of articles about how you altered the scene.'"
The actress said "Scandal" evolved into a more racially aware show.
Nameberry shares its predictions.
"I've always considered myself a political activist and the business was second. We have to have a business so we can have the freedom to do our political work."
I was shocked at how quickly the boys blamed each other. And I know this was a tiny, almost meaningless event. They weren't screaming, breaking each other's stuff or storming off in a huff. It was a far cry from fratricide. But their united front was cracked. That had never happened before.
We asked dessert experts to recommend their favorite eco-friendly ice cream, so you can cool your palate and the planet at the same time.
Another stand out feature of the festival was the fabulous assortment of locally sourced food: new to the event, top-notch