olivia benson

What happens when a rape victim happens to be the most hated person on the face of the earth?
Her first lesson to me: "By keeping quiet, you're giving him power over you." And it was so true. Listening to Olivia, her
We're officially never leaving our couches again.
Wild speculation based on Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson's Instagram appearances.
Cookie Lyon of “Empire” and Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones” round off the top three.
Did you get to pick which episode you’d direct? Why this one in particular? I think Warren [Leight], our showrunner, is just
First of all, Senator Feinstein, I watched the powerful position you took on CNN with Wolf Blitzer the other night. Right
Cat daycare Lena Dunham's house "The kitten freaks out about being put in the cat carrier. So I was just like, 'OK, all right