Olivia Harrison

Giles Martin, hijo del legendario productor de los Beatles George Martin, hizo parte de la producción musical del filme. Dijo
Growing up watching Scorsese movies was like attending an open master class on how these two intimately connected art forms can work together at their very best.
I like to use the Thanksgiving holiday as a golden opportunity to carbo-load in preparation for my second favorite holiday -- Black Friday.
I found George Harrison's life-long love affair with music so intriguing. He spoke as often with his guitar as he did with his words. Not that his words were too shabby either.
This Thanksgiving I want to send all my loving to two people -- no, not my kids, or even my wife, though they're pretty fab too -- but rather two men who I think we should all be thankful to still have in our lives.
Martin Scorsese has committed to direct an untitled documentary about the life of George Harrison. Scorsese will produce