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President Trump's lawyer said there are "better Jews" than the Holocaust-surviving philanthropist; he earlier said Soros was "hardly a Jew."
Donald Trump's personal lawyer also told New York magazine he is "more of a Jew" than Jewish billionaire George Soros.
President Donald Trump's attorney, who has become a key figure in the escalating impeachment probe, says he's just fine amid questions over his "state of mind."
"Bullying of this kind from would-be politicians makes you fear for your First Amendment rights," The Daily Beast's Olivia Nuzzi says.
Oh, if only the winds had blown in a new direction we could have enjoyed Weinerdom for years to come.
I have a great idea: Let's keep up the sexist name-calling and simultaneously find a way to distract people. Hashtags are
It was a busy week in Washington, since all the congresscritters were eager to get out of town for their not-so-well-earned five weeks of vacation. It'll take awhile for the dust to settle, so let's take a look at some of what's been happening while it does.
Elsewhere, news organizations were even more pearl-clutchy. NBC News tells its readers that Morgan went on "an expletive