Olympic Basketball

[1] Footnotes [1] 5 ways the U.S. men's basketball team's defense has been garbage Ultimately, I don't see this improving
In 1976, Gail Marquis was playing on the first U.S. women's basketball team to compete in the Olympics. Around that time
WATCH VIDEO ABOVE After the young boy paired with Parker came up short in his half-court attempt to win a brand-new watch
While we cannot completely co-sign the ranking on this list, they did get #1 correct. Would you agree? Last Sunday, the United
What appears to have been the last American Dream Team sure gave us a lot of entertainment. But now that it's all over it's time to wrap up and see what we learned.
Before these games, there was a bit of controversy as both Kobe and LeBron thought this current team "could" defeat the original Dream Team. When the games ended, this current edition posted the second largest margin of victory. When we consider that the international competition has improved in the past 20 years, maybe Kobe and LeBron were on to something.
With Spain having closed within six points deep into the fourth quarter, LeBron James reeled off five straight points on
"I'm not buying that," James said. "It's the same story you hear from Boston every year. They're hurt, they're old, not going
But now Mills, who was second overall in scoring in group play, will have to go against Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook
There's been a lot of talk about how Gabby will become a new role model for young black girls everywhere. She may even inspire many to take up gymnastics or follow other Olympic dreams. That's great, but I don't think it stops there.
Asked why he threw the punch, Batum said after the game that he "wanted to give him a good reason to flop." Either way, the
Several on the U.S. bench started barking about the play but no one was more furious by the foul than coach Mike Krzyzewski
This past Thursday night the U.S. men's Olympic basketball team beat Nigeria 156-73 in a game that was little shock to most
Australia Olympian Joe Ingles dunks to score against China during a men's basketball game at the 2012 Summer Olympics on
Rather than attempt to credit the coaching, or system, or team chemistry, I think the evidence strongly suggests the success of the 2008 Redeem Team was mostly about the players who played four years ago.
Fencing: The men's individual foil tournament goes down on Tuesday with the Round of 64 beginning at 5:30 a.m. ET. Top-ranked
People were outraged when Kobe Bryant said his 2012 roster could beat 1992's Dream Team but quite frankly he's right!
That journey begins on Sunday against France. Led by Tony Parker and featuring a handful of other NBA players, the French