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The delight of the Russian crowd, that fifth group of dancers soon expanded outward to complete the set. Hours before the
Don't misinterpret what I'm trying to say. I fully believe that the fifth ring failure was mere a technical glitch and not some subliminal message. But I also believe that this incident can serve as a potent symbol of the current state of affairs between Russia and America.
It would be unfair for the world to judge the artistic merit of the ceremony on the basis of this one technical fault, as the rest of the staging was flawless. Art may deserve a bit more flexibility in terms of how we evaluate success, compared to sport, where only perfection matters.
At the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi today, not every Olympic ring lit up. It's the latest in a series of mistakes and missteps from the Games -- and Alyona Minkovski has all the latest.
Holder's mother is taking the reins on wedding planning so that the couple can focus on training for the Games, according
Imagine that a molecule of olympicene were magnified to the size of an orange. If that same orange were magnified by an equivalent factor, it would be the size of the Earth!