Olympic Stadium

That's funny because the Pyeongchang Games were meant to be the financially prudent ones.
Many are Haitians displaced by the 2010 earthquake, fearing the Trump administration will deport them.
Toyko will be left with a skyline full of innovative new buildings.
They want information and hope more than "stuff."
The 2020 Olympic host is facing calls to stop using suppliers accused of illegal logging on indigenous lands.
The last time such an aesthetic revolution occurred was when the first Bauhaus buildings began appearing in the West in the
In reality, especially in America, public places built over the past few decades like the New Museum, LA Live, or Penn Station are mostly unpleasant places that are there to be endured rather than enjoyed.
While some sporting venues become iconic characters in their own right, others are just discarded. Unlike Madison Square
Common consensus holds that a building of a certain scale, unless something extreme occurs, tends to be an unchanging landmark
London's building boom is typical for host cities eager to make a big impression on the world stage. But the coolest stadiums make an enduring impression, not only through architectural flair and historic importance, but also by hosting events.