"Sometimes I slouch, my stomach folds over, my cellulite shows on my butt, or I don’t fill out my swimsuit top just right,” the four-time Olympian said.
The women claim some USA Swimming officials abused them as children while others worked to make sure the abuse stayed hidden.
"I'm not bored. I'm not bored. I'm not bored," the veteran Olympic hurdler joked of her house routine during the coronavirus pandemic.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Olympic officials reached the decision out of concern for the global spread of COVID-19.
An International Olympic Committee official said the 2020 Olympics will be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic will delay the Tokyo Games, a member of the International Olympic Committee told USA Today.
Despite "strong lungs" and a "healthy lifestyle," the champion called COVID-19 "by far the worst virus I've ever endured."
"How about you amaze me and do the right thing," snapped the Olympic gold medalist.
Greek officials say that because of COVID-19, the lighting for the Tokyo games will go on without the thousands of spectators who usually attend.
The event could be held later in the year instead of July 24, Japan’s Olympic minister said Tuesday.