Omar Gonzalez

Gonzalez pleaded guilty in March to entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly weapon and assaulting a Secret
Gonzalez, who has no prior convictions and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, pleaded guilty to federal charges
Gonzalez cannot be arraigned on charges returned last week by a federal grand jury unless he is found competent to stand
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said Wednesday on MSNBC that he does "not feel comfortable with [Pierson] in that position." He
Why do so many of us lock our doors? Men were also more likely than women to say they don't lock their doors when they're
A second, waist-high fence has since been put up along part of the White House grounds. Secret Service officials said the
Putting a tighter security cordon around Congress and the president may help keep them safe, but does nothing for those with mental illness or the rest of us. A more humanitarian approach is to help them get the treatment they need.
Relatives of the man accused of breaking into the White House Friday say he’s no criminal, but he needs help.
Julian Green: The 18-year-old's stock going down isn't necessarily an indictment of him as a soccer player, it's more a case
You never want your phone to ring after midnight. "Your son Jack was assaulted tonight and suffered a serious injury to his head -- a massive subdural hematoma. We're going to have to perform an emergency craniotomy."
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"My family comes from here. I spent a lot of time here in Mexico as a kid and I absolutely love everything about it. Corona's