Omar Mateen

HuffPost’s Melissa Jeltsen breaks down how the media narrative that Omar Mateen targeted Pulse because he was homophobic does not fit the reality.
And another, smaller injustice was obscured: the sadistic prosecution of Noor Salman.
Noor Salman's family said she was a victim of Omar Mateen's violence, not his collaborator.
Prosecutors say she helped her husband's terror attack. Her supporters say she's innocent and the case is “rooted in gendered Islamophobia."
Lawyers for Noor Salman, the gunman's widow, have asked the judge to toss the case against her.
Opening statements in the federal terrorism trial began on Wednesday.
Noor Salman is accused of aiding and abetting her husband. Her lawyers say she’s innocent, and is herself another victim of Omar Mateen.
There is an alarming connection between domestic abuse and mass violence.
The alarming connection between domestic abuse and mass violence is just one more reason to pay attention to domestic violence.
Follow me on twitter: @mk1157 One year ago today, 49 people were tragically murdered at Pulse nightclub in Orlando by a cowardly
"Let me see your hands now or you will die!" an officer can be heard shouting.
In case after case, men practice violence against their families before lashing out at the public.
She was charged in January, six months after her late husband opened fire at Pulse nightclub.
I want the president to stand up to those who wish to harm us. But this does not accomplish that.