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As our kids return to school, it's a perfect opportunity to reflect on the human brain doing what it does uniquely well in all the known animal kingdom: learn. At the very foundation of that remarkable Homo sapien aptitude lies the structural integrity of the brain itself, which proves to be highly dependent on a native, salutary balance of dietary fats.
Some foods have been promoted as "healthy" when they're exactly the opposite. Clean Plates founder Jared Koch shared nine examples. Here's an expansion on his observations.
But most fish oils aren't harmful, according to Dr. Tod Cooperman, the president of He said that based on
Maura Henninger, Melanie Warner and Dr. Tod Cooperman join Josh to give us the facts about dietary supplements like Omega-3 and Omega-6.
The hemp plant's bast fibers offer numerous manufacturing possibilities as well such as being used in textile production and in oriented hemp board panels, in making interior panels for automobiles, rope, paper and much more.
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Eating seeds has become very trendy indeed.
Do we know everything there is to know about how omega-6 fats affect our health? Of course not. But is the notion of an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 a myth with absolutely no data to support it? Hardly.
Can eating meat be detrimental for your mood and mental health? Is there a reason that your vegetarian friend is so energetic and cheerful all the time? The latest nutrition research suggests there may be scientific validity to these observations.
All of this occurred to me while casting a line for river herring off the Verrazano Bridge and checking my son's Twitter
It's more than likely that most every meal eaten throughout the day will contain a form of corn. And because most of that corn is processed, we would be better off if not being so frequently exposed to it.