When the Republican leader called the omnibus bill “one of the most shameful acts” he's seen in the House, Pelosi asked if he was forgetting something.
The president had threatened a veto just hours earlier.
Spending plan for the rest of this budget year doesn't include any money for Trump's biggest campaign promise.
The former "Daily Show" host went to Capitol Hill twice to help the people who had risked their lives get access to health care. It left him disgusted.
Unlike the original House and Senate versions covering the Department of the Interior and related agencies, the combined omnibus legislation was almost free of catastrophic anti-wildlife riders, making it a huge victory for imperiled species and the Endangered Species Act.
In what's become something of a sick annual tradition, members of Congress attached a multitude of riders to this must-pass piece of legislation in an attempt to sneak through deeply unpopular things they could never justify introducing or voting for on their own.
It's the beard, right? It's totally the beard.