on fleek

So why in the Seven Kingdoms (I miss you Jon Snow) are you saying and doing things that are saved for teens and tweens in
10. Julianne Hough Her brows are dancing with the stars. 8. Beyonce Sasha Fierce is extra-fierce without any eyebrows. Brows
"On fleek"? These professors can't even, but they do feel bad for everyone being on top of someone named "Fleek." Lehigh
The best spas ensure that therapists have a system which allows them to go from initial customer engagement to close of sale
Times have changed since the 1950s -- and that's definitely a good thing. If fashion models of the 1950s could time travel to 2015, I have a feeling things would quickly get out of hand. Take a look...
BuzzFeed had former CBS News anchor Dan Rather sit down to talk about the latest in Internet language: terms like "on fleek
3. I Literally Can't: phrase Definition: 1. When something is so amazing, you just can't handle it. Used in a sentence: "I