On The Run

Many assumed the children were the couple's twins, Rumi and Sir. They were not.
When Americans think about the war on drugs, often images of violent men behind bars shape their understandings. This persistent picture obscures the true realities and costs of both mass incarceration and the U.S. drug war.
The video also features adorable snapshots of Blue, laughing with her parents, playing a piano and learning to walk. The
According to Billboard, the pair will film during the Paris leg of their tour on September 12 and 13. Can't make it to Beyonce
"Young Forever": Plus Kelly Rowland was on hand. Setlist: "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" "Show Me What You Got" "Upgrade U" "Crazy
Forbes' forecast must be a relief for the Jay/Bey press camp, which hasn't seen its best days over the past couple of months
3. Sean Paul eagerly lingering by the stage just in case Bey does "Baby Boy." 5. People who thought it would be funny to
The current ranks of Latino filmmakers are thin, and that influences what kinds of stories get told in American cinema. More important, it has an impact on how Hispanic culture is portrayed -- if it is portrayed at all.