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The "Nashville" actress' top was embroidered with the phrase "poverty is sexist."
Michael Elliott lived his life to the fullest. He was a friend, a colleague, and a dedicated champion in efforts to increase the collective ability of civil society to make the world a more peaceful, just, and prosperous place.
The anti-poverty group says assistance today will "help prevent humanitarian crises tomorrow."
I wish I could sing, and belt out every feeling like Nina Simone or sing a love letter to my daughter like Paul Simon. I love music and have long been impressed with the artists that enrich our world in so many ways.
"Despite multiple summits to debate these issues, there's a shocking lack of global leadership to deliver genuine, life-changing
According to the group, women are too-often denied an education and adequate health care, suffer from violence and discrimination
I'm beginning to realize that it is not good for local action to be alone. Just like the well-worn adage goes, it is important that Christians and churches everywhere continue to think globally even as our hands and feet are engaged in the work of healing here at home.
Elba says Ebola has hit home for him because his family is originally from Sierra Leone and he has relatives in the region. Sierra Leone is one of the four countries (including Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria) where a total of more than 5,800 cases of Ebola have been reported.
And according to a handy tax calculator created by ONE Campaign, an international nonprofit that fights extreme poverty and
This incredible collection of maps really puts the African continent's population, income, growth, and potential into context.