One-China policy

While some political insiders proclaimed that the isolationist philosophy of "America First has been vindicated on the world
As @danyi wrote on Weibo after the shutdown of Rela, “Taiwan won the right to have same-sex marriage, and the mainland lost
These are the priorities that both sides should be prepared to address.
The president’s foreign policy views are outside the beltway mainstream but his belief that the United States’ China policy
The president's inner circle now has zero advisers with foreign affairs expertise.
If ever there were an impeachable offense, selling out national security for your business interests has to top the list.
It is difficult to not be concerned with the new world order that is being shaped by Brexit, “Make America Great Again”, and
The call was described as cordial with both leaders expressing best wishes to their peoples.
The two leaders have yet to speak directly.
However, under President Barack Obama the U.S. courted conflict against both powers. Against China the administration staged
The possibility of an American retreat from the continent and a more aggressive China has many nations in the region carefully calculating their moves.
"A period of fierce, damaging interactions will be unavoidable," a state-run paper said.
"Why would anybody have sanctions if somebody’s doing some really great things?”