one hit wonders

"I know who I want to take me home / I know who I want to take me home / I know who I want to take me home ... "
It's not that he's on drugs, 50, he just doesn't care who you are.
The meaning of success has long been a topic of debate and disagreement. Though everyone has their own definition of success
As another summer heads to the airport, my thoughts head back to 1982, when I was a secretary in the Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Department at CBS Records and the song "Goodbye to You" first aired on the radio.
Lee’s well-publicized distaste for journalists is longstanding; she hasn’t given an interview (save, possibly, those for
Every single writer can't be Charles Dickens, James Joyce or Jane Austen. Most authors only end up with one hit book, and
Reddit users teamed up to identify the best one-hit wonders of all time, and the crowdsourced list is now available as a
Whether it's shouting the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" for the millionth time at a party or recalling the somberness of "Bitter
Belgian-Australian singer Gotye says he will gladly accept a ticket to One Hit Wonderland. Gotye, whose real name is Wally
One-hit wonders tend to be pretty catchy, so it's not surprising that many are go-tos for wedding reception playlists. To
Almost everyone has a favorite one-hit wonder, but there is debate on what constitutes one. Other artists, like Billy Vera
While Paltrow and Witherspoon are noted for their strong singing voices (see Paltrow's work on "Glee" and in "Country Strong
All the artists mentioned here appear to have been conceptual innovators, and that their puzzling declines may be a result of the fact that age is not the friend of the conceptual imagination.
Reading about the death of Gerry Rafferty -- whom you know if you turned on a radio once in the late '70s -- was like poring over the news of someone Dickens might have conjured up.