one night stand

I never thought digging my underwear out from the twisted sheet of a stranger’s bed would produce such intense clarity.
One Tuesday night, after a(n) (amazingly heart-piercing) show by the (amazingly heart-piercing) Amy Kuney at the Bootleg
Donny J. and Margot Harris, both sex columnists at their respective Universities, join Caitlyn to talk about sex on campus.
You can't help but notice that she's dating someone new. Now that you have an open window into her life, you can't help but notice her every move. You find yourself evaluating her new boyfriend. You compare yourself to him and imagine his relationship with her.
Still, they went to Duddles' residence to assess the situation. They determined that the woman -- who has sleep apnea -- was
Pick up any book, read any magazine, or watch any movie targeted toward single women, and you'll pick up a handful of tips on places to find a potential boyfriend: at sports bars, in the frozen food aisle, at closing time at the Laundromat. But they always overlook the man that could be right underneath you: the guy you accidentally brought home last weekend after a makeout session at the bar. Yes, the guy you spent the night with could actually be the one you spend your life with. It happened to me.
Susan Walsh, a blogger at, stopped by HuffPost Live Wednesday and opened up about the one-night stand
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What do you do when a one-night stand asks you your number? No, not your phone number. Your other number. The first episode
Usually reserved for bad rom-coms, frat boys and women who are just becoming familiar with the idea that they will probably sleep with multiple people before finding "The One," The List actually taught me a couple things about myself.
In fact, the alchemy of attraction is so personal and inexplicable, no one fully understands it. Poets, playwrights, and
Ask a straight man, "How do you like your women?" and it’s unlikely he’ll answer, "Dumb and sleepy." But according to new
Men want to sleep with you but don't want to date you. The cute guy you slept with from the bar still hasn't called. The guys that do contact you only text, (and only after midnight).
If I left him tomorrow, he would have 10 women at his doorstep wanting to date him -- women anywhere from the age of 20-something to 60. My dating pool would consist of men who drink out of sippy cups and wear Depends. It's not an equal playing field.
It's hard to advise for or against FWB or NSA arrangements, says Katz, although he says, "It's pretty weird to spend that