one pot recipes

Whether you're in the mood for chicken or something vegetarian or vegan, these simple meals will get the job done quickly.
And it uses ingredients that you've probably got in your pantry.
Hot summer days call for dinners that won't have you melting before the meal's on the table.
Easy weeknight, or weekend, meals everyone will love.
Easy weeknight, or weekend, meals everyone will love.
Author of The 8x8 Cookbook, Kathy Strahs, introduces us to her secret weapon for delicious, supereasy weeknight suppers.
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An unexpectedly long cooking time won't get in the way of putting dinner on the table. Make plenty: you'll have pasta e fagioli soon.
There's enough you have to do as a parent before bedtime, that's why my goal is to make dinner as stress-free as possible. Try one of my easy prep meals that takes less than 45 minutes all in! Less dishes, fuller bellies and more family time.