one tree hill

Murray, her former "One Tree Hil" co-star, called her account of their relationship "ludicrous."
Get ready to binge all of "One Tree Hill."
The showrunner is under investigation at the E! network, which airs his current series "The Royals."
The women published a letter detailing the showrunner's "traumatizing" behavior.
The actor wants you to meet "the dad-bod version" of CMM.
Image from the "Growing Up Smith." film. Photo: Ponca City. Photo: Good Deed Entertainment, distributor of the film. Anjul
Remember when Brooke and Lucas were married IRL?
Nathan and Haley’s son is old enough to do the nae nae.
The actor stars in Sundance film "Outlaws and Angels" in hopes of breaking his heartthrob mold.