Your next online order may drop from a warehouse in the sky. Newer technologies manage control and centralize data from one
It doesn't matter to them that you know the truth and could call them out. The issue here is that since we use all of our
But if vertically-integrated brands are able to get this multi-disciplinary approach right, they're have a massive advantage
You may say what's in a name? It's a whole lot, actually. A name that is hard to spell or pronounce would be difficult for
Making money on the internet may be a suspicious topic, but the values online are the same as that offline. The key is to
Today, things are different. According to a 2015 Pew study, nearly three-quarters of US teens have or have access to a smartphone
The latest victim is Dolly Ghanem, a veteran anchor and morning talk show host on LBCI TV, who was shoved off newscasts in
In every ocean, sharks are highly sought out... By one another and by the human race for their meat and for their valuable fin, often used in cuisine and trading.
On my family adventure this summer, I gave into the unreliable cell reception throughout several national parks from Yellowstone down to The Petrified Forest...and UNPLUGGED.
The online world of entrepreneurship has exploded in the last few years and the marketplace has become very saturated.
Some passwords are funny. Some are pretty weird. Some can be a math problem. Many can be laughably easy to hack (I give you "dadada, ""qwerty," "password" and"123qwe" to name a few.) -- or very tricky. But one thing is for sure, they are never really 100 percent hack proof.
Overcoming the noise-inspired doldrums -- what I call the Fundraising Wall -- becomes a central challenge for the capable online fundraiser competing in a crowded market.
We are pioneers in a new world -- the digital world. As we seek to plant flags on new tech summits, it is important to be aware of the health risks involved in navigating this unknown and rocky terrain. Technology-induced accidents notwithstanding, the gadgets have already produced a variety of physical and mental maladies among the general public, which have been unknown or hitherto restricted to specific occupations.
Today, the news business is evaporating faster than a glacier in an Al Gore documentary. Earlier this week, The New York
The heartening fact is that standard software and hardware companies have not overlooked the needs of people with differential
Teachers, administrators, parents, students, and educational policy makers must work together on a range of assessment tools in order to optimize school operations and budgetary allocations for technology insertion into education.
Don't think for a second that there isn't still a warm, glowing light at the end of a dark tunnel that is the election process. And that light is shining brighter than ever for Bernie Sanders.
Digital Asset Management If you are looking for a way to store, organize, locate and retrieve or share digital files, box
To get your e-commerce up and running, choose your template and add your products. The more robust the shopping carts, the
I'll never forget the experience I had years ago when I was invited to the beautiful home of one of my collectors. The highlight of my visit was the wonderful original Miro print I experienced in the downstairs toilet. I absolutely loved the idea of finding this fine art object in such an intimate space.