The regime strikes back The Kazakh people often watch the regime get away with this behaviour, partly because they enjoy
Environmental sensing networks will grow in the coming years, but the proliferation of new platforms that don't speak to one another is troublesome.
"Because of your voice, the U.S. has acted. At a summit on FGM and child marriage in London, the Obama administration announced
Even as we celebrate and recognize the advantages of online tools for organizing and promoting civic dialogue, we must find ways to recognize the unique advantages of cyber and physical systems, and bring them closer together for promoting democratic values.
Climate activists pushed back on his climate claims on Twitter this week, prompting the congressman to launch into a torrent
When you "share" something on Facebook or Twitter, you're not handing over your second Twinkie. Instead, you're essentially shouting as loud as you can, "Hey, look, everyone! I've got two Twinkies!" And then you wait to find out how everyone else feels about your news.
"That desire for people to come together and make a difference isn't uniquely American," Rattray said. "It's a fundamental
Nothing will replace the immeasurable power of a protest that gathers thousands of people in a city square. But a number
Any and all efforts that can potentially awaken our consciousness and drive us to individual and collective ownership and action over issues, are completely worth it, in my book.
Branding consultant Simon Mainwaring was an agency star, but his work as worldwide creative director for Motorola at Ogilvy and other agencies didn't exactly point to his latest venture -- a book and social branding firm that aim to help create a more equitable world.