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A study found female homicide rates fell 17 percent after the site created an "erotic services" section. So why would Congress add to the risks?
The league ran ads on the New York Times website alongside the article in question.
The good professor's digital domain is even more bizarre than the cartoon world painted in South Park. It's quite sad that
Hint: Facebook's got something to do with it.
They're scrambling to stop the loss of revenue that supports online content.
"We messed up," says executive from the Internet Advertising Bureau.
Research proves those annoying full-page ads just don't work.
She has considered fake-searching other items, like a compendium of the greatest philosophical thought of the twentieth century or tiny bikinis. Every time either of them popped up on her screen, it would make her proud that she would have been in need of such things.
The phrase "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" is often overused but it certainly rings true with dietary supplement and weight loss advertisements -- be it on TV, in print, on the radio or on the Internet.
What's interesting though, is that research also says that after 10 seconds of viewing an ad, the ability for someone to
There's no getting around it: Online video advertising is a necessary evil. Even Conan O'Brien, whose website Team Coco is
Woog said his website, created in 2009 as a platform where users can offer or hire anything legal online, checks any posts
Banner ads -- blech. That seemed to be the consensus from a round-up of early banner ad creators and adopters convened recently by Digiday, who lamented that banner ads today represent "nothing but eye candy on the page" and "a race to the bottom."
Online advertising used to be a relationship driven market. Agencies would strike deals with clients for large pre-determined campaigns. Then came the real time bidding exchanges.
AdTrap is a planned $150 firewall box for consumers. Plugged in between your internet connection and router, it strips the
Overall funding for online ads grew 251% which speaks to the digital nature of this election. Barack Obama spent $52 million