By trying to be everywhere, talking to everybody and doing everything -- are marketers in some ways doing nothing?
While it may well be important to have the top 100 influencers on any particular topic following you on Twitter or Facebook, it is not essential. You can make up for it by attracting, retaining, and activating everyone else.
With everything that you can imagine at our fingertips, many of the social interactions that help tie people together in a community have faded away. Are communities traditionally built on relationships, trust and familiarity a thing of the past?
The virtual choirs allow people to do something they love in a world filled with connections that are otherwise devoid of true meaning, and with other like-minded people.
The Internet did not invent social networking -- it didn't even invent the term. We are social animals and we pursue connection with others no matter what.
Wikipedia will not resolve an international dispute. Nevertheless, the site is increasingly becoming a forum that challenges subjective, traditional, and institutionalized information -- in the case of the Falklands Islands, history.