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I’ve found that when you’re having fun and being 100% authentic, the right kind of people are drawn to you.
“I enjoy reading, playing Scrabble, kayaking and musical theatre. Full disclosure: I’m pregnant as a single mom by choice.”
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None of us wanted to have an odd version of the birds-and-the-bees conversation.
I was feeling desperate and when you’re feeling desperate, you do nonsensical and illogical things.
"You can go without sex. That’s much less of a problem than going through life alone, and without affection."
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Instagram felt like a pleasant, low-pressure way to express my sexuality and get compliments from cute guys on the reg.
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Stress over Trump's election literally made me sick. Yet I managed to fall for a man who voted for him.
Friends have encouraged me to enter the online dating world. Some suggested JDate. Only dating other Jews means that you are not contributing to the diversity of our world.