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Difficult to find the button? People click less. Confusion around which button to click? Even less clicking. People accidentally
EFT is surer than checks Misdirected, uncashed and stale-dated checks are a huge problem in our industry. It can lead to
Of the 35,000 runners who partake in the race, an estimated 57 percent raise money for charity, according to the study. To
Check out the infographic below to see how charities use their websites for fundraising. (For a better mobile user experience
The Internet has truly become a donation hot spot. The increase in online giving is further proof that philanthropy rebounded
The ability to give should be at our fingertips -- and we don't mean just physically reaching into our pockets. Check out
The study, conducted by tracking 115,000 nonprofits through Blackbaud, Network for Good and PayPal, found that groups are
When tragedy strikes, the human spirit doesn't falter. As witnessed with recent events including the Boston Marathon bombings, the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, the garment factory building collapse Bangladesh, and the tornado devastation in Oklahoma, individuals and organizations emerge within those communities and across the world eager to lend a hand to those affected.
The wonderful people at the Georgetown Center for Social Impact Communication have drawn on their recent research to profile
Just got rid of your old stuff, but still want to get involved? Dont forget, all your shopping supports these causes too
This year I want to start a new tradition, a new movement to encourage cyber shoppers to become cyber givers as well. Together, we can turn Cyber Monday into one of the biggest days of online giving.
One of the site's key findings was the fact that email donations exceeded those of Facebook and other forms of social media
Visa Inc. has announced that it will waive fees through the end of February on credit card donations made to a "select group
"I have no doubt that millions and millions of dollars are being made off of people's donations, and it's extremely inefficient
The "Will you marry me?" (WYMM) syndrome turns every online messaging opportunity into a nail begging to be hit with the donation hammer.
For as little as $25, anyone in the world can log on to and loan an entrepreneur somewhere in the world the money to improve their business.
As the year draws to a close, Americans are busy donating money to charities across the country. Donors are expected to give