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It's clear that with innovative online education programs like these, more people globally are exposed to high-quality, career
Xu is part of a team at UC Irvine that received a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation last year to research
For the federal government, particularly as new unbundled offerings gain market share, accountability should shift away from
Today, the average high school graduate has the option to look beyond a run-of-the-mill degree. Alternative means of education -like online certification courses- are proving to be as effective in the long run. What has contributed to this change in perception?
The bots I'm referring to are the so-called chat-bots. They're "smart" programs that you can have a conversation with, and get help from, via the messaging app of your choice.
"The takeaway: If delivered well, online education provides a richer and more interactive classroom, allows students to develop
Morgan Richards, a 31-year-old mother of three, is a trendsetter in her pursuit of a university degree.
Are you ready? Do you have your ticket, itinerary, and passport ready? It´s time to travel. Marcelo Cabrol is the manager
With a growing emphasis on STEM jobs like never before; and many governments from all over the world facilitating and fueling the startup culture, learning to code is fast becoming a must-have skill in your arsenal.
This past week I have pretty much completed the unlocking my visual style part of the course. However, there are a few more
On Access to Education Elite colleges like Stanford are extremely inaccessible. They're failing in their mission to provide
What does entrepreneurship mean to you, and what underlying characteristics do you see in successful entrepreneurs? If you
Within the last month, I have had three students transfer credits toward their undergraduate degree from
What progress has been made in providing support and resources for training teachers via the Internet that had previously
How education will serve a rapidly changing global economy has continually become a more pressing issue. This is no less the case in Latin America.
In 2014, I wrote that the "currents of change have propelled the sector toward, or onto, one rock after another." Two years later, higher education continues to evolve.
Amid hardship, a small but growing and innovative schooling initiative has blossomed in this Kenyan refugee camp, giving residents an opportunity at something many thought unattainable in the East African desert -- a higher education.
Current methods of education, and evaluating academic achievement, are causing long-term damage to people and communities, with the greatest impact occurring in people of color, and in low-income areas.
I don't think that brick-and-mortar universities will be obsolete soon, but can definitely become better with new initiatives like BreadX. Technology is never a substitute, but a complement to make things better.
How will technology be integrated into the curriculum and how will the school handle the integration of continual advancements