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If we want the American Dream to live on, we need your help: Employers, invest in your talent to offer the best, most cutting
In another analysis, which examined more than 150,000 students who took at least one of 68 online courses that Harvard and
What will be the legacy of Race to the Top and Barack Obama's other education initiatives? Indeed, what's been accomplished
Today, the average high school graduate has the option to look beyond a run-of-the-mill degree. Alternative means of education -like online certification courses- are proving to be as effective in the long run. What has contributed to this change in perception?
The bots I'm referring to are the so-called chat-bots. They're "smart" programs that you can have a conversation with, and get help from, via the messaging app of your choice.
Less than 5 percent of business schools worldwide have earned this prestigious designation. Another highly rated accredited
Morgan Richards, a 31-year-old mother of three, is a trendsetter in her pursuit of a university degree.
Not quite ready to head home? Do you want a closer alignment with an official school curriculum? You can find a great variety
With a growing emphasis on STEM jobs like never before; and many governments from all over the world facilitating and fueling the startup culture, learning to code is fast becoming a must-have skill in your arsenal.
This past week I have pretty much completed the unlocking my visual style part of the course. However, there are a few more