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Fake Terracotta warriors seized at Xi'an resort Tencent looks to challenge Apple with cloud-based apps you can use without
Online bullying isn't going away, but game companies can mitigate it with good practices like adopting content filtering
Binding the gap between the player & the platform Casino games are undoubtedly the fastest growing genres in the mobile gaming
With the inception of Bitcoin, the online gaming industry eventually experienced the promising market for Bitcoin gambling.
How invigorating to meet a humble brainiac, whose kind, compassionate, a feminist, in 2016 who's has pulled tote for almost two decades! Here's a message from the one and only Penny Milliken, CEO of HeR Interactive.
It's the year 2016; we are at an age where technology is a society constant. Life at this juncture is practically unimaginable without the technology we enjoy today. In particular, life would not be as it were if not for video games.
Fighting in a clan from his Syrian hometown and coordinating battles against clans he was randomly matched with around the globe was one of the ways 24-year-old Hosam maintained spiritual ties with the land and community he had left behind.
Big money is at stake. The way the Internet undermines accepted law and practice is at stake. The limits on hypocrisy in public life, and professional sports, is at stake. The right of average dopes and geniuses to gamble is at stake.
Last year's #GamerGate pointed out the misogyny and harassment that exists not just within gaming communities but across the internet. We talk with women who were victims of harassment then, and discuss what's changed in the 12 months since.
Last year the hashtag #GamerGate swept across the internet, spinning ideas of sexism and misogyny in gaming with ethics in game journalism and changing products. We look at how gaming journalism ethics have played a role in the controversy 1 year on.
How do you reprogram a teen to recognize that the cyberworld is actually fake? That's not an easy question to answer, and it's one that's being grappled with in treatment centers.
"Digital detox" camps in the country claim to cure Internet addiction, but their draconian practices have put teens in danger.
Companies of all shapes and sizes - from startups to corporate giants, from new disruptors to old guard institutions, from local shops to global conglomerates - want to win new business by using digital innovations.
But first, Adelson wants the Democrat to help close a loophole in federal law that allows the states to operate and regulate
I have a strict policy in my house. No MMO games, or rather -- no MMOs that are actually enabled online. I know, some of you parents and grandparents are saying, "What? What's an MMO?"
Not everybody gets the appeal, Ben Davis noted in a recent Vulture post. “Livestreamed game broadcasting is not very well
What this research yielded challenges to a significant extent the popular belief that "excessive" online gaming is psychologically harmful, or that "gamers" lack social skills. What they found was that social skills were not predictive of devoting more time to online gaming.
If you were born anytime in the 1990s or later, chances are you've spent a good amount of your childhood on the computer, playing online games. Some of those online games may still be around but there are also many that are no longer with us today.
The Internet has become the most unpredictable collective being. One of the most recent creations is extremely interesting. It involves a live-streaming channel, Pokémon and a LOT of people.