online harassment

Election officials say the Atlanta poll worker in the video spreading on social media didn't crumple or discard a ballot.
The KHive aims to amplify and support the Democratic vice presidential nominee, but some of its members have crossed the line from ardent fandom to overt harassment.
Brandon Michael Fleury, 22, identified himself as confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz while harassing his victims on social media.
Calling Vox video producer Carlos Maza a "lispy queer" is "funny and this is a comedy show," Crowder said in his latest video.
YouTube claims to have no tolerance for hate speech or cyberbullying, but Carlos Maza doesn't buy it.
State Rep. Kiah Morris said she's faced years of racially motivated attacks online, as well as “home invasions” and vandalism on her property.
Tran recently wiped her Instagram account after months of online harassment.
And just under half of the public says sites aren't doing enough.
Attorney Carrie Goldberg shares tips for victims of online harassment: "Never feed the trolls."