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CJR's chief talks about its digital shift and new membership model.
"Consistent with its historical focus on text-based journalism, the Board will continue to place emphasis on the enduring
Brainless print publications that were only in business to chase advertising dollars might be dying a long-overdue death, but if I have anything to say about it, print itself lives.
91 Magazine Finally! A magazine for vintage lovers. We're obsessed. Adore Home This Australian magazine features the best
In between losing 10 lbs, quitting smoking, and being more outgoing this new year, pick up some local flare for your iPad and take some time to explore these publications that capture the zeitgeist of this clever city.
Anybody who tells you that the glut of content on YouTube is a new thing hasn't paid much attention to zines. The small-scale
The Fiction Circus is back in town, and what a show it is. This quartet is a group of barnstorming warriors on the front lines of the battle to not only preserve the world of fiction, but also to fully explore what's possible in the digital age.
It may be more productive to consider the changes roiling the publishing industry evolutionary rather than revolutionary.