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When you get behind on your taxes, they creep up on you. And please don't take the approach that I took, 'One day, I'll be
2. Mobile Payments -- With the advent of Apple Pay, and with customers generally becoming more comfortable using mobile, the
For example, if you're in retail and your customer has recently bought shoes, stick with footwear. If they've browsed an
Many studies reveal employees with high job satisfaction are generally more productive, engaged, and loyal to their companies
2. Become an Expert Communicator If you're a company that sells cosmetic products like Birchbox, you might create a community
Jonathan Long is the Founder of Market Domination Media®, an online marketing consulting agency, blerrp™, a social media
Not all leads will respond to that initial offer, so set-up your sequence to email them in 24 hours with a follow up consultation
Millennials are immune to traditional advertising. They can see right through it, so you need to get creative to get on their
The internet has completely changed how businesses operate. Many companies are able to eliminate the traditional office setting
That figure is impressive, but even more impressive is the fact that it's only desktop sales, and doesn't account for sales