online organizing

There are a lot of resources on the web that let people save and organize the content they find online, and they all have their own angle and unique functionality. Marketers can use bookmarking in new and innovative ways to build a brand.
If we want a freer, safer, and fairer world for women and girls, our organizing must not only be about celebrity endorsements, convening conversations among experts, or casual activism on social media. The voices of actual women living in poverty and violence must be heard.
Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, may be dramatically different this year. Organizers plan a nationwide strike against Walmart, will it work? Alyona Minkovski is joined by guests Kathleen Miles, Colby Harris, Patrick O'Neill and Josh Eidelson to discuss.
Colby Harris, a Walmart employee, describes his resolve to stand strong and strike on Black Friday to send a message to the corporate giant about labor fairness and end "being oppressed."
Why not cede physical ground to the police and city authorities as needed, giving up on the idea of long-term physical occupation when it's necessary. Why not short-term occupations as they make sense?
Evgeny Morozov criticizes the assumption that the Internet is necessarily helping to promote democracy.
While Facebook, the platform, helped advance protests in the Middle East, the company's rules and architecture actually impeded organizers in Egypt.
But behind the buzz about Gladwell and Wikileaks last year were some truly inspired commentaries that enriched the entire field of online organizing and digital social change-making.
With international negotiations at a standstill,, Greenpeace and others are using every new media tool available to share their climate message. Two days before 10/10/10, they had registered nearly 7,000 events in 188 countries.