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Modern slavery can feel far removed from "ordinary" people, as can the fight to end it. That must change. We are voters, we
The request came in response to another petition after the Panthers-Seahawks Jan. 17 game.
It might seem strange to report that metalheads and fans of Ziggy Stardust are fighting over the Periodic Table of Elements, but no one could ever accuse rock and roll of being traditional.
From passionate commitment to temporary hashtag campaigners, childhood activism is a great thing to those of us who ardently believe, contrary to the adage, that children should be seen AND heard. As a father of two and an advocate for many social and environmental causes myself, it's exciting to see the growing number of young activists.
As the uproar surrounding Cecil's petition continues to ripple around the world, it shows the rising desire from people across the globe to right wrongs and move society in line with their values. Petitions offer a constructive outlet for this desire. The results can be extraordinary.
The US government released its proposal to stop the ivory trade within the US. While they do send a clear message that the
Certain campaigns are exemplary. has been working relentlessly to advance public awareness of the negative impacts
"Because of your voice, the U.S. has acted. At a summit on FGM and child marriage in London, the Obama administration announced
The petition currently has 175 supporters. To add your name, go to isn't the first website used to