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Dorsey gave himself a ‘C’ on the matter, noting that while there’s been progress, “it has been scattered and not felt enough.”
By Frannie Ucciferri You were just getting used to your kid’s obsession with Fortnite, and now, all you hear about is V-Bucks
To support their security efforts, you should observe the following: Around this time of year, I'd rather focus on family
The cloud can seem like an abstract concept that’s difficult to grasp, but small businesses are becoming more familiar and
Before we became parents, we were once children. However, our generation didn't spend time playing on computers and other electronic devices. Instead, we played hide and seek and other group sports with our neighbors and friends. We didn't know the internet until we're old enough; a huge contrast to our kids who probably know how to navigate to YouTube to watch their favorite cartoon show without needing us to help them.
Fraud! The one thing that people take for granted until it happens to them. By then it's too late.
Those calling for a ban on Pokemon Go claim paedophiles will use the app to lure children away from Pokestops and Gyms (places where more than one player may encounter each other). For many years this was the standard warning children were given about child abuse. The reality, as any professional who works with the survivors/victims of child abuse knows, is very different.
Your kids tell me stuff. Lots of stuff. Really personal stuff. Your kids tell me all the things you have warned them not
What, my husband and I wondered, is up with families these days? Why aren't they getting their kids outside? My knee-jerk reaction, perhaps unfairly, was to attribute this get-outdoors deficit to the internet and video games.
He'll work with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
FOMO and Constant Distraction We actually have to be legislated into stopping. There's a proposed Bill in New Jersey to punish
When many of our children go online today, this lesson of etiquette is often forgotten. For many children in foster care, lessons of etiquette were never taught to begin with.
The new box would bundle your streaming options with your cable channels in one place. Proponents of this proposal claim it will lower costs for consumers. More options along with more convenience at a lower cost -- what's not to like? Well, there is a catch.
It is human nature to seek connection, and we should all feel we have the tools we need to find each other. The reality is that we must hold two truths: Most people today are using online dating platforms to find these connections and the prevalence of gender-based violence is real.