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"It is increasingly clear that full-time virtual charter schools are not a good fit for many children," a new report says.
Nearly everyone who has studied virtual education agrees on two points. Virtual education, in some format, is likely to expand
For K12 Inc. CEO Ron Packard, it's all about "educational liberty." "Kids have been shackled to their brick-and-mortar school down the block for too long," he puffs. Packard himself is "shackled" to the big bucks.
Virginia’s largest and first statewide virtual school may soon close, as the Carroll County School Board recently voted to
Must teachers at cyberschools or charter schools be fully trained and certified? Should any constraints be placed on the choice decisions of parents and schools in order to avoid segregation and stratification by wealth, race, special needs, or other attributes?
But other charter school operators say they're disappointed in their results and welcome thoughtful suggestions from state
Interviews with teachers, administrators and dozens of students about the type of learner who thrives at Carpe Diem all contained
Four of the country’s largest education schools operate mostly online, according to a USA Today analysis of newly released
New online learning models are bursting from startups and top universities, bridging the educational divide.
RALEIGH, N.C., June 29 (Reuters) - A judge said on Friday that a private company cannot open the first online charter school