online security

By Frannie Ucciferri You were just getting used to your kid’s obsession with Fortnite, and now, all you hear about is V-Bucks
The whole family should be on board with these privacy best practices,
And, one day we will see IoT ransomware. Imagine ransomware on your smart car: "Pay 2 Bitcoins if you want to pick up the
Use a password manager. This will solve tons of other problems for you, as you will automatically have a unique strong password
Zaharia explains that, "Encryption is a process that transforms accessible data or information into an unintelligible code
Consider using a password manager, such as LastPass to remembers all of your passwords. You only have to remember one master
Whilst financial crime threats are growing, companies are still lagging behind when it comes security.
Hackers are waiting to pounce when companies bring their internet and phone infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud security is
You might want to update your information now.
Most users of the social network will now be automatically alerted if a copycat account is detected.
Cloud programs might be convenient for you, but they cause big headaches for employers.
The notice said the attackers may have been trying to obtain information such as email addresses, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers.
If you see this notification, it might be time to buy a new computer.