Fox News accidentally got an earful from an anti-Trump lawmaker live on air.
He, obviously, wants to follow the trail Bush blazed from the Texas governor's office to the Oval Office. However, this will be the second run for Perry, and he'll have to improve significantly on his previous performance to even have a chance of doing so.
A French rail company makes an expensive mistake when they ordered 2,000 trains that were too wide for the platforms.
At 1am on Sunday morning The Times of Israel reported that despite only following some 90 profiles, Mr Netanyahu now subscribed to the tweets of @PersianHotBook, which describes itself as “the first library of hot sex books [in the] Persian language”.
Sometimes catastrophe is the perfect catalyst for making lemonade from lemons. Such was the case when I skated with 2006 Torino Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen.
Apple attorneys were allegedly behind the court ordered raid of the home of a tech blogger who outted the iPhone 4G prototype on Gizmodo.