Expensive gas is a financial hardship, but more oil is a climate disaster. The gas price flux shows us about why we should already be weaned off fossil fuels.
The group of nations agreed to cut 9.7 million barrels a day beginning May 1 in hopes of boosting crashing oil prices amid the pandemic, officials said.
A statement clarifies that Saudi Arabia issued a vague statement about its plans.
If I told automotive manufacturers as few as eight years ago that electric cars would go mainstream, achieve 350 miles on
5. Multilateralism slowly dies: In the Post-War era, Wilsonianism (liberal internationalism) and Rooseveltism (collective
On Saturday, OPEC and non-OPEC producers reached a joint agreement to cut production for the first time since 2001. A group
There is no denying that 2016 was a year filled with significant and tangible unanticipated events in the political, economic
The Institute for Supply Managers (ISM) purchasing managers index (PMI) rose to 53.2 (versus expectations of 52.5). U.S. manufacturers
This list, which is by no means exhaustive, points to two important facts. For the IPO to succeed, Saudi Arabia will have
In short, today OPEC cohesion is illusory and more than ever a mere façade. For the foreseeable future, OPEC provides merely
The surprise deal will boost the energy industry, and likely cost consumers at the pump.
The display of anger followed a vast march in Caracas on Thursday that opposition leaders say has emboldened President Maduro’s foes after 17 years of socialist rule.
"This was retail politics, and oil lost," was how Adrienne Alvord of UCS summed up the stunning environmental victory Tuesday
When it comes to the political instability in the Middle East, the popular view is that increased tensions in the region
Climate denial is still a threat and a problem -- particularly in the politics of the US. But the ace in the whole that the coal and oil industry still hold is the reluctance of wealthy industrial nations to recognize that this is a time to invest in -- not strangle -- the future.
Iran shipped 2.3 million b/d in April 2016, the highest level since 2012. These figures are 15 percent higher than the International
Have a great weekend,  As an investor, you need to be concerned because the smaller workforce will be demanding higher wages