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"When you have gunfire going on, you usually go with the person that's got a gun," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said.
Coming face to face with raw violence changes a person's vision of the world. In this new, unsafe world, threats are everywhere and hyper-vigilance is the new normal. Can carrying a gun help a person feel safer? Can it, at least, give us back our illusion of safety?
Passage by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives is expected on Sunday and would send it on to Republican Governor
"Make no mistake: Whether it's guns on campus, lowering or eliminating permitting requirements for concealed carry, or pushing
With rights come responsibilities, and for the safety and security of our restaurants, state capitols, and other public places, we must push back on armed intimidation. After all, there are no panic buttons for the public.
Violence here is no longer theoretical, and weak Texas gun laws are giving it every chance to happen.
It’s an unexpectedly bold move by Mulligan, Target’s long-time financial chief, who has served as interim CEO since Gregg
The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, but what about axes -- as in guitars? Since the rally is openly satirizing
Open Carry Texas claims its rallies are part of a grassroots effort to legalize the open carry of handguns in the state. The
I'm tired of wasting time on more pointless debate that goes in circles and gets us nowhere, while the bodies of dead kids continue to pile up and people in Texas walk around with loaded guns in their hands like they're Wyatt Earp.
"Target is currently in the crosshairs of gun control extremists who will stoop to [no] level too low to effectuate their
On Saturday, members of an Open Carry Texas affiliate in Fort Worth assembled at a Home Depot, Forbes reported. A spokesman
Chili’s and Sonic became the latest national chains to wade into the gun debate on Friday, announcing in apparently coordinated statements that firearms are no longer welcome in their restaurants.
Next week, supporters were planning to deliver tens of thousands of petitions to the corporate headquarters of both companies
Laws about openly carrying firearms vary by state. Texas allows for the concealed but not the open carrying of handguns, while
The company's decision to review its stance on the issue was prompted by a video that surfaced on YouTube of a group of men
Probably one of the weirdest hashtags in use today is #guncontrolbullies, coined by Open Carry, a loose affiliation of state organizations, which holds protests around the country at which zealots parade around with loaded firearms in public places.
Armed demonstrators gathered outside the Texas capitol building in Austin on Wednesday, seeking to highlight the state's