open enrollment

Several states have reopened their health insurance exchanges for a short time. Elsewhere, enrollment may be possible for those who lose their job.
The Trump administration is under scrutiny for shortening the enrollment period and scheduling lengthy maintenance downtime for the website.
To get better coverage and save money, you may want to change Medicare plans during the Medicare Open Enrollment period from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. You can switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to traditional Medicare or another Medicare Advantage plan.
For the 2015 enrollment, over 50% of consumers who re-enrolled shopped around and half of those selected a new plan. The
Our humanity as a nation is stronger when all American can access the care they need. So this Open Enrollment, help us reach the many African-Americans who need the quality, affordable coverage waiting for them at the Marketplace.
Bottom line: Making financial resolutions makes you feel good. Keeping those resolutions feels a lot better. Develop long
Affordable health insurance should not be a luxury. It is a necessity. Since I was elected to Congress in 2009, I have done everything I can to make sure that residents of the San Gabriel Valley can easily obtain affordable insurance that provides quality care.
Since I'm single and haven't been to the doctor in years, I've always chosen the cheapest option, which offers low coverage. I'm getting older, though, and next year I'd like to take better care of myself, starting with a checkup, without going broke. How can I choose a health plan that's right for me?
For many, evaluating health care coverage options is a really big decision, as it affects both health choices and finances, but with the right information and tools at hand, the process of signing up for and later reporting health care coverage on tax returns is simpler than ever. Here are some important things to know.