open internet

"Free expression is one of the foundational elements of the internet."
They're in a bind as more countries crack down on online speech.
Under the law, broadband internet providers "must treat all internet traffic the same regardless of source."
If the FCC wants to ensure that the open Internet flourishes, it must investigate all of these attempts to skirt its Net Neutrality rules. Cable and phone companies will continue to look for new ways to double-charge consumers and engage in anti-competitive behavior
Ted Cruz's position on net neutrality is so full of whoppers that it has to be taken apart, sentence by sentence, to fully demonstrate the depth of his dishonesty.
While many consumers complain about the cost of both their wired broadband and mobile broadband services, it's up to the FCC to support more competition so that companies naturally have more incentive to offer better rates and service.
I challenge Hal Singer, Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai to a rousing debate, sponsored by the Internet Society, New York Chapter, who has agreed to host it. Why?
If you want a world where #BlackLivesMatter, if you proclaim #Not1More or #LoveWins, if you want dignity for #Sikhs and #Muslims and the #99Percent, then #NetNeutrality is your cause too.
We've seen this movie before, but it may end differently this time. In the spring of 2014, a controversial Federal Communications
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Along with demanding more transparency from broadband companies, the Federal Communications Commission’s order prevents providers
America's faith and moral voices have always been at the forefront of social movements. Media justice is the next frontier.
Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who described Tuesday's gathering as a "fact-finding hearing," highlighted meetings
This is a developing story and will be updated. The FCC voted last month along party lines to approve the net neutrality
Once the entire Open Internet (Net Neutrality) rules are put out (we have only an outline as of this writing), you can expect a lawyers' banquet, a feeding frenzy where they will file and file and file.
While there are some reasons for optimism, a looming renewed threat comes from those who failed to get SOPA legislation passed three years ago.
These claims that the administration strong-armed the FCC in its rulemaking are offensive to the millions of Americans who have helped shape the FCC's order by participating in the rulemaking process.