open relationship

The coronavirus pandemic has polyamorous and non-monogamous couples renegotiating the rules about their relationships
"The Goldfinch" actor is currently dating his high school sweetheart.
Men and women who date people in open relationships tell us what it's like to be a "secondary."
"Either it sucks and the two of us go home and have sex with each other, or it’s awesome and the three of us go home and have sex with each other.”
“You have to make sure your marriage is something that brings both of you back home."
Christo and I were each other's "number one" for five years; then we were "exes with benefits"; now we are "friends for life." The majority of my best friends are my former partners and lovers. This surprises some people.
We're protecting our own feelings by putting up the same fronts that are basically shoved in our faces. In plain terms -- if they're cold, then be colder. If they're smart, then be smarter.
Ricky reveals a new housing complex in Brooklyn specifically for polyamorous lovers.
I love the idea of polyamory. I've hung around poly communities, and helped scores of poly people with their relationships over the last 10 years of a 22-year career in counseling/coaching. But I have a fundamental concern...
Eric Anderson, who authored the book "The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating," told host Caitlyn Becker