open source

The app uses a third-party platform to power its maps.
Elicit opinions on papers from all academics who read the paper, and not just the two peer reviewers who read the paper prior
"I believe we can truly 'make' a difference in the world around us, and am thrilled to partner with Bernzomatic on a program
OBI is following the same open source methodology that has made the Internet so successful --- sharing the source code with
Nearly every American family's refrigerator is plastered with our children's wonderful creations. Children relish "making
The phrase data science has been around for years starting with Peter Naur using the term in 1960 to mean data processing
Even if they aren't managing their own IT, law firms still have an obligation to make sure that data is properly secured. This means asking frequent questions about security and ensuring that the vendor is implementing reasonable security measures.
The more you know about the current state of the environment the harder it is to remain optimistic about the future. George W. Bush, however, gives me great hope for the future of the planet.
It was my idea to have an open-source connected home of the future. My scheme was accepted by brave new geeks, brilliant people, but mostly male. They gave the house, "Casa Jasmina," my name: I am grateful for that, but the house is not altogether comfortable.
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