opening ceremony

What especially moved me was the extensive participation of countries that had only minimal participation in the four previous
Now the games have begun! Directed by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, known for City of God and supporter of the World Bank Group's Connect4Climate program, the opening ceremony put climate change front and center.
The first team of refugee athletes in the games' history marched behind the Olympic flag.
"Great idea NBC. Don’t air what should be a global cultural event live. Why would everyone want to watch and enjoy together?"
A: The Opening Ceremony is arguably the most important night because it sets the tone for the city and for the athletes, it
With Coachella days away, it only made sense for our fifth installment to feature LCD Soundsystem's founding female, Nancy
Digitally driven, image laden, and over branded, 21st century contemporary culture has resulted in a yearning for a simpler more streamlined lifestyle. The conspicuous consumption of (practically) any form of minimalist design--whether in fashion, architecture, music, or art--has become an all too powerful coping mechanism.
Opening Ceremony's Year of China debuts in time for the Lunar New Year with a collaboration with one of New York's most beloved
First up, meet Katie Sturino, owner of Toast, Muppet, and Underpants, who is using her background in PR to shed light on
Propelling from the status of mixing tracks in your dorm room to locking down the official "featuring" cosign on Drake's
Wait, what? If people didn't talk about politics how on Earth would decisions get made? If they don't talk to one another, how do people know what they stand for and believe in and how can we possibly make informed positive change?