I recently had a chance to play around with the Uber API and the experience reaffirmed my belief that Uber is pushing the API economy forward in a meaningful way, providing a roadmap for other commerce apps to follow in building out their own API programs.
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc struck a deal with online restaurant booking service OpenTable Inc that will allow users to reserve
The terms of the deal were not disclosed but OpenTable said it would be included in third-quarter results due on Thursday
Women do need to do their part in being strong leaders, but companies and governments must also do theirs.
Finally, if you want some direct advice, try a local community like Chowhound, which features a message board where local
Groupon founder Andrew Mason has built a castle. His Internet coupon empire will harvest some $2.4 billion in sales this
About 10 percent of restaurants in the national online reservation system OpenTable ask for credit card numbers to make certain
Whoops. Looks like The New York Times has a little embargo breaking situation on their hands. (Which we love -- chaos!) They've
Game mechanics are more than just a way to have fun with your customers -- they can also solve real problems. If you're not thinking of your customers as gamers yet, you're missing out on all the fun.