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Historically, businesses' operating systems have relied on hierarchical order: think Mad Men-style firms, where decisions
The seventh major release of the Android family is on its way. Android N is available for those who have a spare Nexus handset
What comes after eight? Well, it's the number 10, if you work for Microsoft. That's what the Boys from Redmond are calling their new version of Windows, apparently wanting to distance themselves from the dreaded Windows 8 syndrome.
CIRP bases its findings on a survey of 500 US subjects, from April 1-6, 2014, that activated a new or used phone in the January
What's needed is a fully functional Ukraine OS 2.0 -- a new operating system that could execute common software: free elections, representative government, tried and true laws and regulations. Without it, there is no way forward.
In Las Vegas this weekend, a different kind of Olympics is unfolding, with athletes testing their skills, determination and courage in digital contests at DEFCON, one of the oldest and most important hacker conventions in the world.
So do the stereotypes hold true? Of the users surveyed by Hunch, Android users were more likely to be men, ages 18-34 who
Riding the the coattail success of the first Apple tablet, the iPad 2 brings more ammo to the digital fight.
YouTube is updating its site to make way for 1080p HD. The online video destination will make the update live this week, with
With the announcement late tonight that Google is set to release an operating system, the time has come to ask "Why can't we have it all?"
Google unveiled its new PC-based operating system yesterday. The Chrome OS is similar to its Chrome web browser in that it
Acer is set to be the first PC manufacturer to package its netbooks with Google's Android operating system. One of the finest selling points about Google's OS is that its free.